Cartina ValpolicellaIn the Roman ages the vineyards of the Valpolicella were already producing a wine that was at the time called “Retico”.

Geographical area – Sloping hills of a prevalently chalky nature with some blackish basaltic rock.

Grapes – Corvina (55 – 70%), Rondinella ( 25- 30%), Molinara (5 – 15%).

Color – Bright purple.

Bouquet – Of a winey mature with the characteristic recollection of a bitter almond.

Taste – Velvety and elegant.

Ageing – The “bouquet” of the wine is a it’s peak after a decent period in the cask.

Gastronomy – It is excellent accompaniment to pasta with meat sauce, roast rabbit and poutry.

Serve at temperature 16 – 18 degrees.