Cartina ValpolicellaIn the Roman ages the vineyards of the historical Valpolicella were already producing a wine that was at the time called “Retico”. Amongst the many lovers of this wine Hemingway stands out, who in one of his novels described Valpolicella Classico as “dry and cordial like the house that belongs to a brother whom one gets on well with.

Geographical area – Sloping hills of a prevalently chalky nature with some blackish basaltic rock.

Grapes – Corvina (55 – 70%), Rondinella ( 25- 30%), Molinara (5 – 15%).

Color – Bright purple and ageing tends to become of a more garnet color.

Bouquet – Of a winey mature with the characteristic recollection of a bitter almond.

Taste – Velvety and elegant, medium bodied and pleasantly bitter.

Ageing – The “bouquet” of the wine is a it’s peak after a decent period in the cask. It matures within 2-3 years.

Gastronomy – Ripening with age, it becomes an excellent accompaniment to pasta with meat sauce, roast rabbit and poutry, young or lightly seasoned cheeses.

Let the wine breath before pouring at room temperature (18 degrees).