History – The hills that bear the same name and evoke visions of an ancient castle and a small happy country village have, since Roman times, been noted for the quality of their grapes. The name Soave which so well underlines the characteristics of the wine seems, however, to have drawn its ancestry from the Swabians who, with Alboino, invaded Italy.

Geographical area – It comes from very varied origins such as limestone, basalt and alluvial.

Grapes – Garganega (70-90%) and Soave Trebbiano (10-30%).

Colour – Straw yellow with a greenish tinge.

Bouquet – Intense and vinous just to the correct degree. It evokes a memory of cherry tree and elder flowers.

Taste – Delicate, harmonious and pleasantly acidic. The bitterish aftertaste is reminiscent of almonds.
AgeingBetter consumed young.

Food – A stimulating aperitif that accompanies perfectly Italian starters, Risottos and delicate flavoured soups. Also a good companion to fish, shellfish and all sea foods and accompaniment to egg based dishes.

Serve at chilled 10-12 degrees.